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Here at Tayman Landscaping, we provide the highest quality and efficiency of landscaping care and service in the Annapolis area. For years, we have been committed to providing the best possible service, while having a strong, knowledgable, and integral team with an amazing work ethic.

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What We Do

Our number one goal is to maintain and service the health and appearance of your lawns, landscapes, and entire properties. Our team of experts are highly skilled and qualified to answer any questions and provide any solution to your property’s needs. Contact us at to professionally service and maintain your lawns!

We serve homes and businesses in the Annapolis area, offering expert spring cleanups, fall cleanups, lawn maintenance, pruning, and much more, all at affordable prices.

Lawn Care

If you are looking for professional lawn care services for both your residential and commercial properties, then look no further!

Tayman Landscaping is a professionally trained team of experts in the landscaping industry that specializes in creating and maintaining your lawns and landscapes. Lawn maintenance is essential to the health of your land and properties, and we provide expert services to make sure your lawns look beautiful.


Your landscaping is one of the most important parts of your home and business. It is the first thing people see, the first impression they get, and it adds value to your properties from the curb appeal.

Professional landscaping encompasses a lot of different factors. Depending on the size, shape, and detail of your property, everyone’s landscaping maintenance is customized to their needs and wants and what is best for their lawn’s health. Our landscaping services are all about cleaning, maintaining, growing and customizing your properties, both professional and residential. Let us come and see what we can do to brighten your property’s landscape!


Patios, Walkways, Retaining Walls

Aside from your landscaping and lawn care, hardscapes are a big portion of your properties beauty, function and accessibility. After maintaining your lawns and landscapes, let us add some walkways and patios to your property. They will create amazing flow and connection between offices, and throughout gardens.

Adding a walkway will accent your beautiful landscapes, plants, gardens and more. We can create customized walkways for any property size, space, or shape. We want you to love your property to its full potential, both hardscapes and landscaping.

They both complement each other, and add amazing value to your homes.

Spring Cleanups

Winters in Maryland can be brutal on your home or business landscape. From leaves blowing into your yard and collecting around bushes to tree limbs falling, winter can leave any landscape needing a little professional TLC.

Tayman Landscaping will customize your spring cleanup and have your property looking ready for spring in no time. Spring cleanup services include:

  • Leaf blowing and raking
  • Fallen tree branch and debris removal
  • Lawn aeration and mowing
  • Tree and shrub pruning
  • Seasonal flower bed updates

To learn more about our spring cleanup services for your yard, please give us a call or complete our online contact form.

Fall Cleanup

Fall foliage is beautiful in Maryland. After the leaves turn colors and fall to the ground, it’s time to get them cleaned up before the snow comes. 

Tayman Landscaping offers professional fall cleanup services that include:

  • Leaf blowing and raking
  • Leaf and debris removal
  • Excess branches, weeds, and debris removal.

After we clean up your property, we will mow your lawn, prune your shrubs and bushes, and get your yard prepared for winter. Give us a call or submit our online form to schedule your professional fall cleanup today. 

Benefits For Our Customers



Over A Decade In The Business


The Hazards of Unkept Lawns

Unhealthy Lawns Have Side Effects

Curb appeal and property value are lowered-

Your yard is the first impression of your property. If it is not well maintained, it shows, and people may not get the full picture of your beautiful home.

Can be unsafe for friends, family and pets-

Lawns that are not well kept can cause week spots in the dirt and soil. This can create holes that people can trip in, and animals can burrow in. Water can pool in as well and cause more damage and attract mosquitos and other insects.

More wild animals and plants on the property. –

Making sure your yard is well maintained and healthy will keep critters, insects, and weeds from living or growing on the property.


Lawn Maintenance

There are many benefits to getting your lawns properly serviced.

 There is nothing like looking out onto your property and see a healthy green lawn. When your lawn is well maintained, you can feel it. Knowing that it is going to be cared for and you don’t have to do any of it is a very comforting feeling.

Having an amazing lawn doesn’t only look or feel good, but it can increase the value of your house and property if you are potentially looking to sell your home. Curbside value is so important for those first impressions, so having a beautiful green lawn will increase that property value.

The best part about a clean, healthy and professionally maintained lawn, your only job is to enjoy it with your family, friends, and pets while making amazing memories.


Professional pruning is a big portion of lawn care and maintenance.

Once your lawns and landscapes are serviced, we will make sure that your plants are professionally pruned. Pruning causes major differences in the appearance and health of your plants. These clean-cut branches will no longer be sticking out randomly and will help your plants grow.

Pruning and maintaining your plants have endless benefits. They will allow more sunshine on your property to help the plants you want to grow to get more nutrients.

Professional pruning also increases the curb appeal of your homes and property.

A reliable, efficient, and professional team that does an amazing job.  We will be working with Tayman Landscaping for a very long time. — Brad, Happy Customer


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We are here to provide the highest quality professional lawn care services. In Annapolis and surrounding areas, our team of experts are there to answer any questions and provide excellent care and service to your lawns and properties.